Sidi Benzarne
Sidi Benzarne

The Park is recognized at national and European level and has licensed guides of the Association of the Park's guide: certified guides among the berber people.

Take the Highway from Agadir to Tiznit, following the signs to the Park, you arrive in Massa, continuing to the gates of Sidi Benzarne,

where there are the Park's Guide.


Sidi Benzarne: a little village, sustained by agricultural field work as well as farm work with the help of donkeys, often mounted by women who usually handle the animals in the house. The village stretches from the river Souss Massa to the entrance of the Park.

Massa: a center of about 300,000 people, where there are shops and supplies of different kinds. Every Tuesday (tlata), there is a big souk, with fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds, meat, tajini, and cane baskets and mats produced locally.