It may include other tour and plus:

- Dike Youssef Ben Tachfin: located behind the Park. It's where it comes from the river Massa, interesting and different nature respect the other side and for the views of the entire region Souss.

- Tifnit: a fishing village overlooking the sea, here you can find fresh fish until sunset (after sunset the fishermen move to the souk – the local markets). Behind the village there are large dunes of sand (with antelopes, gazelles and ostriches) who protect the village from the atlantic wind.

- Tiznit: a very popular craft center across Africa and Europe. In the city and the souk you can find silverware, carpets, spices, perfumes and Berber antique stores.

- Aglou Plage and Mirleft: ​​Tiznit’s beach; they are located right outside of the highway that leads to the ocean. Europeans love these places, with their long white beach and the first place with a small white shrine inhabited by a marabou (a person regarded as a saint) and the second place with the famous Arc on the sea.

- Lgzira: the famous Arch, a big rock arc in the ocean. The coloring of the land of the coast is red, so very beautiful at sunset!

Thanks for the photos all the friends of the Park.