- Park Path along the river Massa to the ocean (3 Km)

- Beach Path from Sidi 'Rbat to Sidi Ouassay (5 Km)

- Cliffs and Caves Path fishermen from Sidi 'Rbat to Douera (6 Km)

  or from Igrare to Sidi Bolfdail (7 km)

- Mountain Path with euphorbia's vegetation and sandy areas (3 Km)

  (It's possible to combine multiple paths together).



Sidi Rabat: a village located on the rocky beach in front of the endless caves and fishermen. Surfing and boadyboarding are also possible, with the Surf's School of Bled (

Douera: a small fishing village located 1 km from the ocean, with houses built inside caves and rocks.

Sidi Wassay: a village right on the ocean; it is very famous for its beach, which is an important meeting place for Moroccans during the summer. The village has about six hundred inhabitants, and there are many shops and kiosks with local crafts.


Sidi Bolfdail: you get there crosses the small fishing village of Igrare, up until a landscapes of both the desert and the ocean. Upon arrival, you can enjoy a unique view of jagged rocks full of caverns, fishing and sandy coves. From this point you can see across to the estuary of the river Massa and Agadir. 



Thanks for the photos Kirsten Wimmer.